Safe. Easy. Fresh.

Popit! the new and innovative way of food storage and kitchen organization. Its incredible design and amazing characteristics has become the leader in the plastic container market. Bread, sandwich, pasta and even cereal will never be the same after Popit! And these are not the only uses of Popit! They may be used to store and organize almost anything with its wide range of sizes and shapes which include squared, rectangular and round shaped containers.

No more spills, with its airtight removable seal, Popit! Plastic storage containers will keep your liquids where they're supposed to be... inside the container! Forget about the fuzz of changing to another container, with its microwave capabilities the only thing you need to do in order to heat up your meal is to remove the top cover. This great plastic storage container is also, dishwasher safe.

Fit from peas to a whole cereal box, even keep your office space organized, or your bathroom stuff dry. Anything is possible with the plastic storage container that revolutionized the market!

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